About Us

Kelowna Taiwanese Cultural Society is a non-profit registered society founded in 2016.  Our founding members were enthusiastic and energetic Taiwanese immigrants who wanted to support each other in our new adopted multicultural country yet still retain our Taiwanese cultural heritage.
We are committed to work together to develop a better place for all through friendship and cultural harmony and to build a harmonious, mutually respectful and inclusive community. 



Our Mission

  • To promote the interests of Taiwanese who reside within Kelowna or the   Central Okanagan area.
  • To organize functions and activities for Taiwanese and Friends of Taiwan who reside within Kelowna or the Central Okanagan area, and to promote the development of the Taiwanese community in Kelowna, with the aim of building a peaceful, harmonious and unified community.
  • To assist Taiwanese Immigrants who experience cultural shock to resolve problems that may affect the quality of life, and also to better understand Canadian culture. The matters will include such issues as education, settlement, social, cultural development, community building, employment, etc.
  • To honour our inheritance and share the beauty of Taiwanese culture with the local residents in Kelowna and the Central Okanagan area.
  • To work with local communities and institutions to promote cultural exchanges between Taiwan and Canada, and also contribute to Canada’s multiculturalism.
  • 提升居住於基隆納地區台灣人之利益。
  • 為基隆納地區的台灣朋友們統合資訊、組織活動,並促進基隆納的台灣社區之發展,期望建立和諧、一致的社區。
  • 協助因遭受文化衝擊進而影響生活品質的台灣新移民,並協助他們更進一步了解加拿大文化,其中包含教育、移民安置、社會、文化發展、社區營造及就業等。
  • 展現台灣文化底蘊並與基隆納當地居民分享台灣文化之美。
  • 爭取與當地社區或機構合作之機會,進而增進台灣與加拿大兩地的文化交流,並為多元的加拿文大文化盡一份心力。