Short Films

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Director: NG CHEN 2018 | 0:10:00 | WOFFF Best Screenplay

Yu-chen has a blind older brother. He is envied of his older brother who is always popular since young. He also gets criticized by his art teacher for not being observant enough, which adds to his agony. One afternoon on his way home with his brother, he sees the vulnerable side of his brother and cause him to re-examine the way he treats his brother.

Turn Around and Run

Director: Yu-Che WU 2018 | 0:14:15 | WOFFF Best Support Actor:Chin-Liang Liou

Wei wei and his mother had agree, if he made it to the school table tennis competition, his mother will come cheer for him. However, he isn’t a good enough player and his old table tennis paddle broke. Most importantly, his father disapproves of him playing table tennis.

A Story For Her

Director: Han QUO 2018 | 0:26:25 | “FFIFA Award of Recognition、WOFFF Best Actress:Chu-Ling Chuang

Mary persists at pursuing her dream of dancing, despite failing again and again. Her friend, Lin Xuan  choses to grow and develop herself through writing instead. Lin is growing less understanding of Mary’s dream. No matter what Mary long for, Liang Hong has always been quietly supporting her with his cooking and his always-open restaurant. A touching story of literature, dance and food.

Hello From Taiwan

Director: Tiffany Frances 2020 | 0:16:13 | 2020 Imagine This Women’s International Film Festival Best Emerging Storyteller Award Winner

A 1989 earthquake shakes the world of Christy, a Taiwanese American 5-year-old girl. When her and her mom reunite with her father and two older sisters at the airport after a year of separation, the cracks between them grow even wider. Through Christy’s eyes, we explore the struggles of the family attempting to reconnect.